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Support Arch

Support Arch

Support Arches are used to protect the bending radius of a line as the line is being deployed down the side of a riser pipe. Support Arches can be used in conjunction with ABCO Subsea’s Roller Sheaves in a storm loop configuration. Support Arches stab into a Telescopic Joint fastened around a riser pipe in a moon pool, securing the Support Arch to the riser pipe.


ABCO Subsea has been manufacturing Support Arches and storm loop assemblies since 2008. Support Arches can accommodate a line with up to a 5.5” outside diameter, or several lines with a combined outside diameter of 5.5”. The Support Arches can maintain a minimum bend radius ranging from 18”-36”.


ABCO Subsea’s Support Arches are custom-designed to fit each client’s unique needs. ABCO Subsea performs extensive in-house factory acceptance testing on its Support Arches before delivering the final product to our customer.


For more information about ABCO Subsea’s Support Arches or storm loop assemblies, contact our sales team.

Support Arch Technical Data

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