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Hydraulic Shuttle Valves

Hydraulic Shuttle Valves

ABCO Subsea’s Andy Boyd patented the first multi-input shuttle valves more than 30 years ago. Today, ABCO Subsea’s shuttle valves are installed on over 20 percent of the world’s deepwater drilling fleet, making the company one of the world’s largest providers of BOP shuttle valves to the offshore industry. ABCO Subsea’s hydraulic shuttle valves have a modular design with port orientations that can be rotated in 90° increments, allowing our customers flexibility in unitizing their valves on a BOP stack. Our valve bodies are manufactured in stainless steel and internal working spools and plugs are manufactured in naval bronze.

Our standard valves are designed and tested to a 6,000 psi rated working pressure, but higher ratings are available for custom applications. Our standard valves are made with Code 62 modified flanges, but other options are available, including JIC, NPT, Autoclave, and SAE UN O-Ring. Valve sizes range from 1/4″ to 1.5″.

ABCO Subsea offers training and certification courses on the maintenance and assembly of its BOP hydraulic valves.


Hydraulic Shuttle Valve Advantages

  • Flexible unitization
  • Modular design
  • 90 degree port orientation
  • Efficient piping/hosing options
  • Custom interface available (NPT, SAE, Autoclave, UN O-Ring, others)
  • API 16D compliant

Size Ports Standing Working Pressure*
.25″ 2-7 6,000 psi
.5″ 2-7 6,000 psi
1″ 2-7 6,000 psi
1.5″ 2-7 6,000 psi

*Higher pressures available

Available Port and Pressure Ratings

Port Specifications Size-inch MAOP-psi
NPT 1/4″ through 1/2″ 4,500
UN O-Ring 7/16″ 5,000
3/4″ 5,000
1″ through 1 1/2″ 3,000
SAE Flange 1/2″ through 1 1/2″ 6,000
Autoclave 9/16″ 10,000

Flow Coefficient:

Valve Size Flow Coefficient
1/4″ 4
1/2″ 8
1″ 16
1 1/2″ 24

Shuttle Valve Resources

Hydraulic Shuttle Valves Technical Data

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