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Engineered Solutions for Offshore Energy

ABCO Subsea is a custom manufacturer of products for the offshore industry. Founded in 1981 and based in Houston, some of ABCO Subsea’s products include hydraulic shuttle valves, vertebrae bend restrictors, clamps, bend stiffeners, roller sheaves, hydraulic power units and umbilical reels. ABCO Subsea’s clients include energy companies and engineering firms around the world.

Since 1981, we’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in downtime with our proven product lines and problem-solving innovations.

Latest News

ABCO Subsea manufacturing process

One of our Polyurethane Bumpers machined after pouring for the perfect finish. #cableprotection #umbilicals #subsea

ABCO Subsea manufactured products

Newly poured and potted dummy stabs for ROV panel applications sitting in our staging area this afternoon. #innovation #engineering #polyurethane

ABCO Subsea manufacturing process

Riser Clamp load test (in the background) today. Our TJ Clamps are preloaded and tested to appropriate safety factors. #subseaengineering

Hydraulic Shuttle Valves

ABCO Subsea’s shuttle valves are installed on over 20 percent of the world’s deepwater drilling fleet. The company is one of the world's leading providers of BOP hydraulic shuttle valves to the offshore industry.

Bend Limiters

ABCO Subsea has been offering vertebrae bend restrictors (VBRs) for more than 30 years. VBRs are available in polyurethane, steel or a hybrid combination of the two materials. ABCO Subsea also offers bend stiffeners and other products.


ABCO Subsea's modular clamps can be used in a variety of applications, connecting to either guide wires, production risers or drilling risers. Special designs can be attached to any type of structure.

Umbilical Management Systems

ABCO Subsea offers umbilical management systems for drilling and production applications offshore. Our team identifies your needs and designs and builds custom products related to your drilling or deepwater applications.

ABCO innovative engineering solutions

Trusted for ~40 years, our products and custom solutions, are utilised all around the world. Contact our specialised engineering team to discuss how we can help on your project.

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