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Hybrid Vertebrae Bend Restrictors

Hybrid Vertebrae Bend Restrictors

ABCO Subsea’s hybrid vertebrae bend restrictors are made from both steel and polyurethane segments and provide the benefits of both materials in deep water, high load applications. Hybrid VBRs use steel segments near the VBR assembly’s structural support interface, where most loading occurs. Farther from the VBR assembly’s interface, polyurethane segments are used to take advantage of the near neutral buoyancy of the polyurethane.

As opposed to an entirely steel VBR assembly, the hybrid concept results in cost savings of 5-30% for ABCO Subsea’s customers. Additionally, the polyurethane segments reduce the overall weight of the hybrid VBR assembly compared to an entirely steel VBR assembly, and the polyurethane segments are easier to handle and assemble, reducing installation vessel schedules.

ABCO Subsea designed and produced its first hybrid VBR assembly in 2009 after a customer approached the company about a challenging deep water environment

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