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Axially Rotating (AR) Clamp Assembly

Axially Rotating (AR) Clamp Assembly

After a customer expressed concerns about a wire rope becoming entangled with an umbilical during deployment and retrieval, ABCO Subsea developed the Axially Rotating Clamp Base (AR Clamp). The AR Clamp allows a wire rope to rotate in place and holds the wire rope separate from the umbilical, allowing the umbilical to remain unaffected by the rotation of the wire rope. The AR Clamp base can be used with any of ABCO Subsea’s clamps.

ABCO Subsea also offers Pod Hose Clamps, MUX Clamps and designs custom clamps.

For more information about ABCO Subsea’s AR Clamps, please contact our sales team or fill out our clamp inquiry form.

Axially Rotating (AR) Clamp Assembly Technical Data

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