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Subsea Wellhead Guide Funnel

Subsea Wellhead Guide Funnel

ABCO Subsea is bringing to market a subsea wellhead guide funnel. The funnel protects the ring gasket sealing surface on high pressure subsea wellheads, BOP stacks and horizontal subsea trees during open-water work. The funnel facilitates wellhead tools entering the wellhead.

Subsea Wellhead Guide Funnel Features

  • Made from cast polyurethane body with internal galvanized steel frame
  • Two integral stainless steel ROV handles
  • Can be used to protect any wellhead ring gasket seal area (VX-2/VT-2, FX-2 or DX)
  • Can be made to fit either a 27” or 30” OD subsea wellhead
  • Can be made to fit either a Vetco H4 profile or a Cameron hub profile
  • Optional hold-down mechanism

Subsea Wellhead Guide Funnel Technical Data

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