ABCO offers a full range of umbilical management products above and below the water, including riser Clamps, vertebrae bend restrictors, sheaves, support arches, and bend stiffeners, among others. These umbilical management systems are used in a variety of applications and capacities depending upon our clients’ needs. Please contact us today for more information about how we can help with your subsea umbilical needs.

Umbilical Management Product Line

Vertebrae Bend Restrictor

Polyurethane VBR-m

The vertebrae bend restrictor (VBR) is designed to prevent damage to the cable it protects.

Roller Sheaves


We have been designing and manufacturing custom-engineered roller sheaves for ten years.

Bend Stiffeners


ABCO Subsea’s bend stiffeners are used on umbilicals, cables, and flexible pipe.

Support Arches


We also have been designing and manufacturing custom-engineered support arches.