football clamp 2 football clampABCO Subsea is introducing its Football Clamps, clamps originally designed after a customer expressed concerns about the stability of their umbilicals in a moon pool. Football Clamps are made of two polyurethane halves that look like an elliptical cylinder when the clamp halves are fastened together. The Football Clamps protect umbilicals in the droop line from clashing with structures or other equipment during high weather conditions or when a moon pool is cluttered.


ABCO Subsea’s Football Clamps are custom-engineered and can hold as many as three lines. The Football Clamp shell is made from polyurethane, while optional inserts are made from nitrile rubber that can provide grip strength of 500-lbf.


For more information about ABCO Subsea’s Football Clamps, or any of our other custom-designed clamps, contact our sales team or fill out our clamp inquiry form.