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Bend Stiffeners

Bend Stiffener

Bend Stiffeners are used on umbilicals, bend stiffenercables and flexible pipe where high tension and constant dynamic protection is needed, and protect the Minimum Bend Radius (MBR) at the termination point.

Bend Stiffeners are made of polyurethane with a metal insert/flange to transition to equipment. ABCO Subsea designs and manufactures Bend Stiffeners in any length or diameter. Other types of umbilical management that ABCO offers include: vertebrae bend restrictors and umbilical roller sheaves.

bend stiffener









Bend Stiffener Advantages

  • Custom built to your application
  • High durability
  • Cost effective solution for dynamic load exposure

Material Specs:

Material Designation: Ether-based Polyurethane
Durometer: 50A - 95A
Specific Gravity: 1.04 - 1.10

Bend Stiffener Flexure Support Test