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Subsea Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

ABCO is not limited to off-the-shelf product lines such as clamps, hydraulic shuttle valves and VBRs. ABCO identifies your needs, and with the support of a dynamic team of engineers, designs and builds custom products relating to your drilling or deepwater applications.

SEM Cooling System

ABCO Subsea, working closely with an offshore drilling contractor, designed a solution to maintain safe operating temperatures of the SEM while on deck during BOP testing operations. The cover slips over the SEM dome and contains free flowing water by an air energized gasket, and provided an inlet/outlet for water circulation. The cover reduces operating temperature to acceptably safe levels.

SEM Cooling System White Paper

SEM_Cover ............................

 Clamp Rack

ABCO Subsea has designed a rack to store clamps on a rig while also improving operational efficiencies. To protect and manage clamps while they are on the rig, a specially designed rack holds the clamps. Clamps can be segmented on the rack, making it easy to identify clamps that need repair.

A storage compartment is built inside the housing to store hoses and wrenches for clamp installation. An air regulator allows for rig air to be brought to the rack, and then it is regulated down to the proper pressure so that clamps are not over torque and broken.

Clamp Rack Technical Data

ClampRack                                              ............................


Bolt Rack

ABCO Subsea has designed a bolt rack to protect the threads of riser bolts. While running riser, bolts are easily organized and have been protected while stored on the drillship.