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Subsea Hydraulic Control Systems

Hydraulic Control Systems

 BOP Shuttle Valves

Shuttle Valve Operation and Maintenance Manual

ABCO's Multi-input Shuttle Valves (MISV) have been developed for application on Subsea Blowout Preventer (BOP) control ShuttleValve-cutaway2systems. The durable MISV was developed to meet the demand for third and fourth redundancy levels in BOP control.

The MISV's compact size allows the valve to be secured and sealed directly to the BOP valve port or to a panel for ease of line management. Control Valve Fact Sheet


ROV Interfacing

ABCO designs and builds complete effector knob assemblies for controlling subsea valves using a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV). All assemblies are API compliant and built to your specifications.


 Directional Control Valves

Accelerator Directional Control (ADC) valves are small pilot circuit and low volume direct control metal to metal sealing valves. Developed to accelerate signal processing in hydraulically piloted subsea control systems, the valve has the ability to reduce signal transmission times (both rise and fall signals) in both thermoplastic and steel control lines ranging in length from 8,000-ft to 100,000-ft. Response times within 45 seconds for BOP and subsea tree USV valves are achievable.

The valve is currently produced in Cv flow ratings of 1, 3, 8, and 16 at 5,000-psi WP. Cv flow ratings above and including 3 can be used for direct function applications.