Health, Safety, Environmental, & Community


There is no single more important value in ABCO Subsea’s corporate culture than a respect for safety – safety of our employees, safety of our customers and an increased focus on safety for our broader industry. Safety is a culture.

Our management team and employees strive to continually minimize risk and improve the safety of our working conditions. Our vendors share these values and goals.

safety imageHealth and Safety

  • Written safety precautions are reviewed before each test is performed
  • No personnel in work areas without proper personal protective equipment
  • Monthly company-wide training on safety tips and precautions
  • Documentation, investigation and review of incidents if they occur
  • Stringent and frequent safety audits of workflow


  • Minimize waste in all of its forms
  • Continue a successful recycling program
  • Maintain cleanliness of our workplace, office building and surrounding property
  • Strive to develop cleaner, greener products at every opportunity


  • Be model corporate citizens
  • Encourage and reward employees for charitable work
  • Support local non-profit enterprises
  • Actively participate in industry events