ABCO Subsea’s team of consultative engineers is capable of solving any problem offshore. Our team identifies your needs and designs and builds custom products related to your drilling or deepwater applications.

Past examples of some of our custom work include:

SEM Cooling System

SEM Cooling System

ABCO Subsea designed a solution to maintain safe operating temperatures of a Subsea Electronics Module (SEM) during surface BOP testing operations. The cover slips over the SEM dome and contains free flowing water using an air-energized gasket, and provides an inlet/outlet for water circulation. The cover reduces operating temperatures to acceptably safe levels.

Axially Rotating Clamp Base

Axially Rotating (AR) Clamp Assembly

After a customer expressed concerns about a wire rope becoming entangled with an umbilical during deployment and retrieval, ABCO Subsea developed an A/R clamp base. The A/R clamp base allows a clamp and umbilical to remain relatively unaffected by the wire line rotation. The A/R clamp base can be used with any ABCO clamps.

Clamp Rack

Clamp Rack

ABCO Subsea’s clamp rack system allows customers to protect and manage clamps on a rig while also improving operational efficiency. The clamp racks come with a built-in storage compartment to hold wrenches, hoses, fasteners and other equipment used in the make-up of clamps. An air regulator allows for rig air to be brought to the rack, then regulated down to the proper pressure so that clamps are not over-torqued.

Droop Line Bumpers

Droop Line Bumper

Droop line bumpers form a protective frame around umbilicals or flexible pipe, providing a cost-effective and simple way to prevent damage to lines during storm conditions. ABCO Subsea’s droop line bumpers are made from polyurethane and are held together with a series of fasteners.